Recommended Reading from ABISS members

We would like to share with you,  some of the books that have provided us with inspiration, education, and coping strategies that helped and continue to help us in our journeys to recovery. 

The Man Who Lost Himself 

The Terry Evanshen Story

by June Callwood

"This was the first book I read post accident and while it was good and pertinent as he was one of my football heroes, I could not relate to it because his injury was so much more sever than mine.  He lost all memory of his background, football career and his whole family."  

The Brain That Changes Itself

by Norman Doidge M.D.

"Once I acknowledged and accepted I had a brain injury this was a most positive book.  The only negative response I had with it was why weren't they preaching that in the hospital and how come I couldn't get better faster" 

"I think this was the first book I read after my injury and I am so glad it was.  Learning about brain plasticity and it's  amazing ability to find new pathways was so inspirational to me and encouraged me to never give up."  

Over My Head

by Claudia L. Osborn

"Nice to read about how a doctor experienced it..." 

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