These are some of the reading/listening materials that for our group were both inspirational and educational and helped us to individually find coping strategies that worked for us in our  post injury recovery.

The Man Who Lost Himself

by June Callwood

"This was the first book I read post accident and while it was good and pertinent as he was one of my football heroes, I could not relate to it because his injury was so much more severe than mine.  He lost all memory of his background, football career and his whole family."

The Brain That Changes Itself

by Norman Doidge M.D.

"Once I acknowledged and accepted I had a brain injury this was a most positive book.  The only negative response I had with it was why weren't they preaching that in the hospital and how come I couldn't get better faster."

"This was my first read after my accident and I am grateful that it was. In learning about brain plasticity and its amazing ability to form new pathways, I was inspired and encouraged to never give up, which was so important to my recovery.  Following my injury my father had a serious stroke and I was able to use what I had learned in this book to help him also."

The Brain's Way of Healing

by Norman Doidge M.D.

"A great follow up to his first book."

" The Fearless Heart - the Practice of living with Courage and Compasion"

by Pema Chodron

"Such an important part of not only my recovery but it became life changing for me.  Fearless Heart was my first encounter with the wonderful teachings of Pema Chodron but certainly not the last. This was for me, the foundation of some profound yet simple truths that  gave me the emotional help I needed post injury to deal with my new reality,  aggressive lawyers, insurance reps and the giant task of getting well.  It kept me steady when I needed it most,  and continues to be a fundamental part of me and the joy I have found in my life."

Starfish Sky

by Timothy A. Slykhuis

" An inspirational story by a brain injury survivor who in his journey to recovery, finds new meaning in his life."

Over My Head

by Claudia L. Osborn

"I got this from the Rehab Library at the General Hospital where I volunteer. Nice to read about how a doctor experienced it."

Coping with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury - A guide to Living with the Challenges Associated with Concussion/Brain Injury

by Diane Roberts Stoler and Barbara Albers Hill

"I also obtained this from the Rehab Library I volunteered at, By this time my symptoms had imporved from a moderate brain injury to mild.  It was a good reference, also very positive."

In Two Voices

by Linda E. Clarke and Michael D. Cusimano

A Patient and Neurosurgeon Tell Their Story

"I really enjoyed this book.  This collaboration between doctor and patient showing their different perspectives was eye opening. For most of us our relationship with our neurosurgeons comes to a halt shortly following discharge and our visits are confined to the physical injury and repair of the damage we have sustained. This book, while sharing the impact on a persons life following severe brain trauma, also gives you an understanding of the challenges faced by those in charge of keeping us alive and as much as possible minimizing the repercussions.  It also brings home the importance of having a doctor who is truly invested in his patients well being."

I am the Central Park Jogger

by Trisha Meila

"I purchased this after hearing of her story in the media, again a story of strength and hope."

Kluge - The Haphazard Construction of the Human Mind

by Gary Marcus

"After reading a review I purchased this and enjoyed the fact that most people show symptoms of brain injury given the way the brain is made and operates."

Flourish - A Visionary New Understanding of Happiness and Well Being

by Martin Seligman

"This was the best book of all for me as I found out that I had all the basics for happiness well in hand.  i.e. I had a positive feeling (learned that satisfaction counts even if I hadn't felt joy because of my anhedonia); I was engaged in things I enjoyed doing; I had good relationships with people; was doing things that were meaningful to me; and I had positive accomplishments... I sometimes quote this reference when doing my annual talk to OT Masters students at MAC"