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ABISS is comprised of a group of people who have experienced the many challenges associated with surviving a brain injury as a result of a trauma.

We come from a variety of backgrounds and no two stories are exactly alike, but there is also a great deal that we found we had in common on our journey to recovery. We were all looking to find ways to positively adjust to drastically changed lives while at the same time coping with misunderstanding and at times disregard for how much its affects were felt in the lives of not only ourselves but our families also.

It is our hope that our experience with managing the many hurdles and our advocacy for positive changes to our insurance and health care system with help future recipients find their way though the “abyss” of what is often an invisible injury but always a new and unexpected path.

ABISS members talk about how automobile insurers practices impair recovery from traumatic injury.

Dave Gaylor on drastic cuts to claimant benefits.

Jon Connolly on his battle for income replacement

Julie Wynen speaks about unfair use of Insurer Examinations

Deanna Pelino talks about inadequate rehab support

Ashley Tindall  on surveillance by insurance companies

Jackie Cribb speaks out about a combative insurance system