The absurdity that is my life now

This blog section is for those of us that have survived a Traumatic Brain Injury, for those of you living with someone who has survived a Traumatic Brain injury, for those of you working with people who have survived a Traumatic Brain Injury, or for those of you who just want some insight into what it's like to survive a Traumatic Brain Injury. Our hope for this blog is to share our stories, our insights, our lessons, our growth, our pain, our loss, our sense of humour (because you definitely need one to survive a TBI).

Therefore some blogs may be intensely personal and heartbreaking while some make be incredibly insightful (those "ah ha" moments of figuring something out). Others may be just goofy because we need more laughter in our lives. Regardless of the type of blog posted most recently, our hope is that you can read them and come away with something.

I find myself telling people all the time that "the wheels fall off occasionally for everyone but when you have a TBI they fall off so much more spectacularly." (think car going off of a cliff and exploding midair as opposed to a blow out where you drive your car calmly to the shoulder to change your tire). It was during one of those times when I caught myself describing that moment as "The absurdity that is my life now". That line has become a mantra for me during those times when you can choose to laugh or to cry at the situation. For a long time after my injury, I cried for the life I'd lost..or I got frustrated because I couldn't do something the way I had done it my whole life....or I got angry at the world for letting this happen to me. Now I just sit there (usually because whatever I just did resulted in me landing on my backside on the floor) and remind myself that this is just "the absurdity that is my life now".

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