Unmasking Brain Injury

June is Brain Injury Awareness Month. For those living with a brain injury, the one thing that we all know is just how difficult it is to explain to someone else what it is like to live with a brain injury. Every day it is a challenge to even begin to make others comprehend what life is like inside our heads. One of the biggest challenges, at least in my opinion, is trying to get people to understand that the brain controls everything. Therefore, when you have a brain injury, EVERYTHING is up for grabs as far as "what can possibly go wrong". Added to that is the fact that we are all individuals. So not only is everything up for grabs but everything will be different as to how each individual is affected by it and reacts to it.

One way of helping to show how brain injury has affected people's lives is the "Unmasking Brain Injury" events that are now going on around Ontario. A couple of the ABISS members have participated in the various events and I will be posting their masks but to familiarize yourself with the idea please follow this link http://www.stratfordbeaconherald.com/2018/06/03/unmasking-brain-injury-project-in-stratford-aims-to-shed-light-on-what-survivors-deal-with or better yet, check out one of the events in person.

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