ABISS Goes To Queen's Park

On May 30th, 2019 our group had the opportunity, thanks to everyone at Ontario Trial Lawyers Association, to take our message to Queen's Park. Our special thanks for all of the hard work of John Karapita, Matt Caron and Linda Langston to make the day possible. To Laura Hillyer for her introduction and ongoing support, also Catharine Shearer and to Allen Wymperle for his opening remarks and encouragement.

We began with a breakfast meeting hosted by OTLA during which time we were able to mingle and share our message with the attending MPP's. Ashley Tindall spoke on behalf of the group about our group, our concerns and our desire to make changes in the auto insurance industry that would make patient care a priority over profit.

We then were happy to meet with MPP's in private meetings to share our story and our purpose. Our thanks to Mike Schreiner, Gurratan Singh, Teresa Armstrong, Joel Harden, Michael Mantha, Robin Martin, Terence Kernaghan, Peter Tabuns, Tom Rakocevic and the Hon. Caroline Mulroney for taking time from their busy schedules to hear our message. It was a full day with many new faces and introductions so our thanks also to all of those who chatted with us over breakfast.

We hope that everyone we met with will find ways to share our message, our video and our recommendations and help make the necessary changes.

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