ABISS receives a response from FSRA

We have today received a response to our letter from Mr. Tim Bzowey, Executive Vice President Auto/Insurance Products at FSRA. He has indicated that quote "FSRA seeks out consumer and claimant voices to inform our work, especially relating to how insurer misconduct can be better identified, curbed, and sanctioned to protect public interest." Of note he has also indicated that "Claimants who believe they are treated unfairly in the claim process can report incidents to FSRA for investigation. The FSRA complaints portal is available for this purpose at the following URL: https//www.fsrao.ca/consumers/suto-insurance/how-resolve-auto-insurance-complaint ." ABISS will be responding to Mr. Bzowey's letter next week and we will keep you posted. We will also post the link to their complaints portal on our resources page.

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