ABISS began as a social group for people living with Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI). Its original purpose was to be a way for us to regain experience in speaking to other people and to be able to function comfortably in a group setting. What we discovered in our group was that despite differences in age, gender, interests, and specific brain injuries, we found a commonality in many of our experiences after our injuries. Not only did it lead to an incredible support system but it also led to the evolution of an advocacy branch of ABISS.


Although we may always have different advocacy Projects that we will be dealing with, our main Mission is to be another Resource for those living with TBIs. We hope that eventually we can be a place where someone can come to find other resources that will benefit their rehabilitation. It may also serve as a place to send loved ones to help them to understand what it is like to live with a TBI.  For some it may be to read our stories and know that we understand their experiences.  For others, it may be a place to read our day to day experiences and be able to learn from them, to grow with us, and sometimes to even laugh with us over “the absurdity that is our life now.”

Surviving a TBI and the aftermath can be incredibly isolating so the most important goal for us is that people living with a TBI realize that they are not alone.